NFT (non-fungible tokens) allows you to buy and sell ownership of unique digital items. NFTs are basically blockchain tokens representing a unique digital item. Imagine having a concert ticket with a code that shows that the ticket belongs to you only, with all the information (when was it bought, how much did it cost, etc) – same goes with the NFT. Your Eyepple ownership is unique and precious!
Each part of the Eyepple Apples is hand-drawn and then digitally processed to create unique book-inspired characters. We are a small team with great vision! That is why we want to create an organic user base without bots and other spam accounts.
The company behind the project had a re-design which lead to an idea of having an NFT project visually similar to the grounder-company. The creative studio started working on the character and the story behind the Eyepples project. The Eyepples are created by Stefan Kokovic – an award winning fashion photographer and visual artist. The art worth as much as the artist believes in it – and this project visually reflects his art style. The development of the project is under the Milkink Creative Studio and the web development/design is under the General Condition Studio.

We don’t have a release date yet, but we know that the Eyepples Apples will be magically summoned in Q2. Keep your EYE on them!